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Name:Tales of the Gods
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fiction and art about Thor and the Norse gods.
Tales of the Norse gods have resonated through history, and most recently in a PG13 popcorn movie. If you want to write or read stories about Thor, Loki, Odin, Sif, Darcy, Jane, Heimdal, Hel, Baldor or anyone else that even stepped into the movie (or the comics, or the Norse legends) here's the place.

Any sort of fiction is well come; gen, slash, het, femslash, pornographic, all audiences, action adventure, romance, kinky funtimes, AUs ... tis all good, my friends! Oh! Art, photomanips, and play lists are also okay.

The caveat being: if your story contains explicit adult materiel, or explicit violence, please put it behind a cut. Pedophilic porn is not welcome though stories with non-explicit child abuse are. If it contains major character death, detailed depictions of torture, rape, significant child abuse (it's the focus of the story or a turning point for the characters), 'dubious consent' (non-violent but still rape), you need to put a warning before your cut to the story.

Things you do not need to warn for include 'boy kissing', slash, femslash, het, trans characters, romance, 'girl parts' or other types of 'warnings' that suggest that being queer/straight/male/female/trans/asexual/disabled etc is somehow risky to read or see without a warning as to their existence. Of course, you may add notes of any length you wish about characterization, world background, fluff, angst, character behavior, preferences, kinks, and activities. Notes are for all sorts of information, warnings are for things that might be emotionally distressing or triggering for potential readers.

Things I don't want to see in this comm:

  • Complaints about other peoples' story themes/plots/tropes. We all have our preferences, and if they were all the same life would be boring.

  • Whining about how Thor/Odin/Loki/Sif/Jane/Darcy is 'too manly' or 'too womanly' to be queer/straight/trans/bi/submissive/crossdressing or etc. If it's not to your taste, don’t read it. Do not ridicule anyone else's kinks, identity, orientation or preferences on this comm.

  • Complaints about the inappropriateness of PoC in the comics/movies/mythology. Nordic mythology has an unfortunate association with white supremacists, let's not be a part of that.

  • Mocking other people in general. Yeah, don't be an asshole, basically.

*Freedom of Speech; the fandom version. Yes, you may live in a country with free speech protections but this isn't that country, this is a privately run community and not your local government or public sidewalk. You can say whatever you want and you can also face the consequences of saying what you want. Also, it's not a democracy.

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